Welcome to Kai ken inu

Kai Ken inu is a community driven, DeFi token. In each trade, three simple functions occur: Burn, LP Acquisition, and Development growth.

Through this tokenomics model, the project is benefitted as a whole with every single transaction. Kai ken transactions benefit ALL holders.


Presents an opportunity to token holders to transact digital assets across the digital market.

Lower the barrier for entry to a more advanced financial system

Introduces every holder to the world of decentralization

Provides awareness to the immeasurable usages of digital assets



For Buying

Burn Forever 1%

To Marketing 2%

To Liquidity Pool 2%


For Selling

Burn Forever 1%

To Marketing 2%

To Liquidity Pool 2%

To HOLDERS 3% - 15%



Private Presale = 200 Trillion

Presale = 200 Trillion

Public Sale = 100 Trillion

Initial Burn = 300 Trillion

Marketing = 50 Trillion


Burn Forever 1%

To Marketing 2%

To Liquidity Pool 2%

To HOLDERS 3% - 15%


10% Team Wallet

3% For Rewards/Giveaways

2% Development


The Timeline


KAI Ecosystem

This token was developed for a sole purpose,that is to become the base token for the Kai Ecosystem. This Kai Ecosystem is unique, fun and a heart-pounding environment where users can have the chance to interact with or against other users in a fun-filled platform. Users can farm tokens, create NFTs, take care puppies and use them for dog games or just trade them in an open market.

A staking platform for kaiken inu token. Kaiken Inu token will be paired to another token like BNB to earn rewards. Partnership with other token provider is already planned.

This is an entirely different and limited token that when paired with KaikenInu to the dog farm, it will earn twice as fast.

Dog vitamin is a separate token to be used to give enough nutrition to the crypto puppies. This vitamin will be very essential to puppies to become dog warriors for dog games.

Dog food is another token which will strengthen crypto puppies. This is essential ingredient for puppies to become valuable NFTs or digital assets to be traded on the market.

Crypto puppies will be a brand new token as a reward from staking kaikeninu and another special token which will be introduced in the future

A strategy games where the dog has to complete a particular task and compete with other dogs to finish the task. Each task will be more challenging as the level goes higher